June 2017 | Life of an IT student

Hello readers!

This evening the recap of how my life has been in June! Yesterday I have written about the my life in the month of May – May 2017 | Life of an IT student. June – until half of July – has been quite a stressful month. The last exams of the year, the last weeks of the project of the year, in short: the last chances of whatever-needs-to-be-finished of the year. But nonetheless I enjoy the little things I can enjoy and feel greatfull for the time I get to enjoy those little things.

This month I have worked at several events and visited just as a visitor as well.

The happiness list of the month:

  • The 48th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam – crew
  • The 3rd Flying Dutch Rotterdam – festival guest
  • The 26th Roparun Rotterdam – crew
  • Jazzfestival Hillegersberg – festival guest

Those four big events and also my little afternoon walks through the zoo gave me the moments of joy and rest to keep going on strong during the last weeks of study for the year. I have been studying nearly without a couple of days off since half of August 2016. My mind was focused on achieving my Propedeuse in Software Engineering, fixing a nice internship where I will work hard but will enjoy every day as well. And yes! Looking forward to it to start after my holiday.

Ok one last time a photo of a adorable moment with the animals in the zoo: A group of Asian elephants playing with their fresh leaf-full branches. I also captured a little elephant playing in the water, trying to play it’s trumpet haha and splashing around.

How has been your month of June?

Greetings by Sophie

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