Life of an IT student | July 2019

Hi readers,

Finally the month of July started. Summer was there already for a week and there were already some warm days. But the month of July later on hit the 36 degrees Celcius! July kicked off with the final final deadlines and presentations of the Minor Data Engineering. We won the creativity award! And then finally every deadline was done! Exams done, projects done, papers done, preparation for my graduation year done… the study year is done! Finally holiday!

Having a couple of weeks without mandatory study seems like a lot, but time flies when you are having fun and when you are occupied by many, many ideas. In June I started with my driving lessons and in July I started with the theory part of it. So it is still a bit studying and I am also learning more about coding, some small project going on next to my blog projects of this summer. And working twice a week is also still in the rhythm as well as improving my lifestyle.

I also made some preparations for my blog posts and the belonging Instagram channels:; sophiestech; and the new YouTube channel Sophie’s Blog. More about my YouTube Channel can be found in the blog post about it: Sophie’s Blog | YouTube Channel Introduction . I am also figuring out how Twitch works but I will not start streaming for now. My purpose is short videos about coding and gaming.

At the end of July I have been to the Rotterdam Zoo (also known in Dutch as ‘Diergaarde Blijdorp’) and made a nice video of the polar bear doing a swim exercises repeatedly. You can view this post on Instagram (the embed does not work anymore) and the link is below:

How has been your month of July?

Greetings by Sophie

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