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Top Five Today | WIRED Autocomplete Interview

The biggest magazine and online platform about Ideas, Design and Technology... the WIRED... has an awesome interview series on YouTube! The 'Autocomplete' interview about the most searched questions of famous people on Google. And they interview them, based on these questions. The questions are divided into several parts starting e.g. with: How, When, Where, Did,… Continue reading Top Five Today | WIRED Autocomplete Interview

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Google Trips App

Traveling is nice and everybody has a bit of wanderlust! 'Google Trips' versus 'Google MyMaps' Last week Google introduced 'Google Trips'. A sytem/application that hold every part of information for you holiday together, offline, in one application. For my holiday in Vienna I used 'Google MyMaps / Plan' to make my own map of placed… Continue reading Google Trips App

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Infographic Six Large Social Media

Social media and websites is one of the things I grew up with. And social media still has my big interest. Intrigued by the way the social network evolves, the opportunities, the threats, the risks and the courage. This infographic explains in an overview the six biggest social networks everyone in the world can use.… Continue reading Infographic Six Large Social Media

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The Blogging Experience | Tips

Thinking about the start of blogging: There are so many steps a new blogger goes through. If you are not a blogger or have not tried it yet, maybe you did not realize it until now. Do not panic! I do not want to discourage you. People are so different, you can think simple or… Continue reading The Blogging Experience | Tips

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The Blogging Experience | The Google’ing

THE GOOGLE'ING [~2009...] Before I started this blog, I have made around 3 or 4 other blogs. A few on, I started after I had a blogging break - better known as the writers block - over and over again. Then I discovered some disadvantages about . Some things I wanted couldn't, such… Continue reading The Blogging Experience | The Google’ing