Dutch Thriller Ten Days 2020

A Quarter Book Marathon

The ‘Hebban Thriller Tiendaagse’, here known as the ‘Dutch Thriller Ten Days anno 2020’, is about to start! Today on Friday 21st of February 2020 this event starts.

The event is about spotlight for a couple of days the thrillers written by Dutch authors. So the book does not need to be necessarily read in Dutch. You can also read quite a lot of them in English for if Dutch is not your mother tongue.

To prepare for this event I made a list of books which is too much to read during this quarter book marathon. But such a list gives also some opportunities to choose from. I will choose my next read by using a vase as a tombola. And as soon I finish the read I will tombola the next one.

The complete thriller list can be found in my Goodreads lists and in my Hebban lists. It consists of 20+ books and 19 different authors.

The Thriller Lists

Sorted by author

Pixabay – DariuszSankowski

List of books

  • Tess Franke – De bezieling (#3)
  • Chantal van Mierlo – Het Isolement
  • Nathalie Pagie – IJsengel
  • Marion Pauw – Grijs Gebied
  • Charles den Tex – Bot
  • Charles den Tex – Onmacht
  • Esther Verhoef – Lieve Mama
  • Esther Verhoef – Nazomer
  • Simone van der Vlugt – De Doorbraak
  • Simon de Waal – Vector

List of ebooks

  • Kiki van Dijk – Lech
  • Corine Hartman – Schijngestalten
  • Linda van Rijn – Villa Toscane
  • Barbara Sevenstern – Familiegeluk
  • Patricia Snel – Expat Exit
  • Samantha Stroombergen – De Witte Kamer
  • Roel Thijssen – Vorstelijk Verraad
  • Suzanne Vermeer – Vakantiegeld
  • Ellen de Vriend – Geruisloos
  • Jet van Vuuren – Misstap
  • Margje Woodrow – Snitch

Have you read a book of one of these Dutch writers?

In which book will you start?

Loves from Sophie

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